Our School

Our cooperative learning community brings together children, parents, and teachers in meaningful play. We develop collaborative relationships and explore environments, experiences, and activities that encourage curiosity and wonder. We value who children are, celebrate their unique gifts, believe in their capabilities, encourage their interests, and honor their feelings and ideas.

Learning Cooperatively

Parents take an active role in the classroom and are involved in all aspects of their child's learning experience. As a result, the relationship between families and our school extend far beyond the playground. The sense of community between teachers, parents, and children creates a nurturing, caring space for young minds to grow, tender hearts to open and an inspired life to begin.

Learning Through Play

The joy and instinctive sense of wonder and delight that play brings validates it as the most central, natural, and important aspect of childhood. Believing in a play-based philosophy is simply accepting that children naturally engage in and enjoy play as a means of learning on their terms, in their own way, and at their own pace. Part of having a long history in the community means that our adult alumni return with their children. We have some families that have attended CHKP for three and four generations.

Our Programs