Cooperative Schools

"A cooperative kindergarten and preschool is a program that is operated by a group of parents who take an active interest in their children's first educational experience. Parents help the teacher in the classroom, are given opportunities for education, and are involved in decision-making." 
— Parent-Child Preschools Organization

Benefits for Children

  • New experiences and a wider world to explore and enjoy

  • A teacher who encourages their sense of self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Parents in the classroom which insures an above average adult to child ratio

  • Children of similar ages with whom to play and learn respect for the differences and rights of others

  • Play equipment, learning games, expressive materials, and art activities not generally available at home

  • Field trips, story-telling, musical and dramatic play, exercise for large motor muscles and activities to stimulate small muscle coordination

  • A positive attitude toward future school attendance

Benefits for Parents

  • Participation in their children's education away from home

  • A better understanding of their children''s individuality through observing them with other children the same age

  • A voice in school decisions and policy-making

  • Education in child development and parenting skills at parent meetings, PCPO Conferences, and through publications

  • Mutual understanding and moral support from other parents with the same concerns, interests, and problems

  • Memories of activities shared with children