Fours Class

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
9 AM – 11:30 AM  or  1 PM – 3:30 PM

Age 4 by September 1

Threes Class

Tuesday, Thursday
9 AM – 11:30 AM  or  1 PM – 3:30 PM

Age 3 by September 1

We know that children learn best at this age by doing. They are explorers actively interested in learning about the world around them and constructing new understanding through experimentation and play. We support this by providing classrooms with engaging learning environments. These include: dramatic play, writing workshop, art studio, painting easels, sensory tables, woodworking, science inquiry, block building, loft, light zone, reading nook, obstacle course, cooking center, outdoor playground, and garden. Equipment and materials are flexible and open ended to encourage individual choice and critical thinking. We strive to encourage life-long wonder!

In our classrooms, children are invited to play games, tell stories, create plays, move to music, sing songs and fingerplays, explore new art mediums, manipulate puppets, make and eat a variety of foods, explore different tools, explore and measure different textures, read, write and share books, engineer constructions with large and small blocks, and on and on . . .

The preschool years are also a time of tremendous social growth; therefore, much attention is paid to the development of positive social skills. Many activities are designed to encourage social interactions and cooperative play. Caring adults are nearby to help children learn how to get a turn or how to resolve conflicts.

The preschool classes also participate in a variety of field trips throughout the year.

"Children learn to play together by playing together. They learn how to take turns by taking turns, how to share, by sharing, how to resolve conflicts that come up by resolving conflicts that come up. In order to learn how to do these things, children need to experience them firsthand. They need to do these things."

 — Peter Campbell, "The Scripted Prescription, A Cure for Childhood," Rethinking Early Childhood Education

Threes Schedule

8:30 AM / 12:40 PM — Arrival of Parent Teachers

9:00 AM / 1:00 PM — Arrival & Individual Greetings

9:10 AM / 1:10 PM — Art Room & Studio Exploration Opens

10:15 AM / 2:15 PM — Clean Up

10:25 AM / 2:25 PM — Class Meeting

10:45 AM / 2:45 PM — Outside

11:10 AM / 3:10 PM — Story Time*

11:30 AM / 3:30 PM — Dismissal, Parent Teachers Clean Up

*Story time activities include: puppets, felts, and our own class-authored books.

Fours Schedule

8:30 AM / 12:40 PM — Arrival of Parent Teachers

9:00 AM / 1:00 PM — Children Arrive/Greetings, Shared Reading/Quiet Games

9:15 AM / 1:15 PM — Class Meeting, Exploration

10:35 AM / 2:35 PM — Clean Up

10:45 AM / 2:45 PM — Sharing Time

10:50 AM / 2:50 PM — Outside Exploration (Rain or Shine!)

11:15 AM / 3:15 PM — Group Activities*

11:30 AM / 3:30 PM — Parent Pick-Up

*Group activities include: music, fingerplays, movement, shared reading, and discussion.