What Parents Say

"[At the Co-op], the rooms are the childrens rooms. They do not belong to the parents or the teachers, but to the children. And because the children know the space is theirs, they are safe and free to make wonderful things happen. Learning occurs because children are natural learners. The excellence of Cedar Hills occurs because the teachers know this and allow the children to do what they do best: explore, observe, discuss, try, and then explore, observe, discuss, and try again."

~Julie Miller, CHKP Parent



I would say Cedar Hills has changed my life and made me a better parent.

~Molly Kine, 5th year CHKP Parent


"I like the fact that Cedar Hills is an environment where adults come together in such a committed fashion to give their children a wonderful and meaningful school experience.

~Kim Alejo, 5th year CHKP parent


"Cedar Hills is like a larger family, it's easy to make friends, a very fun and nurturing environment.

~Wendy Laraway, 2nd year CHKP Parent


Cedar Hills is a community of parents who are dedicated, thoughtful, kind and nurturing; and who really care about the first school experience their children have.

~Kim Alejo, 5th year CHKP parent


A lot of people comment that they can spot a co-op kid in an elementary school classroom because of the confident and respectful way they approach conflict.

~Molly Kine, 5th year CHKP Parent


"I wanted my child to be in a developmentally-appropriate learning environment. Though we often think of kindergarten as the beginning of grade school, Kindergartners do not quite have the same mental capacity as elementary school kids. I felt that the hands-on, child-centered learning environment the Co-op offers was most appropriate for my child. The academics are interwoven into the day so that the kindergartners can meet the academic requirements while still having the free and nurturing environment they are used to at the Co-op. Most other kindergartens do not offer 1 hour of choice time each daywhat a great feature to offer to our Kindergartners! And the writer's workshop with an adult available at each table is an excellent way to give our children the support they need as they learn to read and write. It is all about the children at the Co-op, and it is a formula that works."

~Jennifer Epstein, CHKP Parent